What happens after the session?
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Monday, September 26, 2016
By Michale Schneider Photography
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After the session, your images are color corrected. I choose a few images to edit, some of these may be my usual portrait edits and some may have some different edits, such as black & white,  HDR, sepia tone, etcetera, these edited images and more will be complied into a slide show. 

In approximately 2 weeks from your session we will get back together for your viewing.

We will start with the slide show. Then we go through all of the images, you pick the ones you like. it doesn’t matter if you pick more then you think you should we are just going through a process of elimination. We will go through them as many times as we need to.

Eventually or rapidly we get your favorites down to a usable amount. For an album you will want a minimum of 40 images, but you can have more. For a soft cover book you want about 25 images.

You may purchase the package and products you want at this appointment.

There is no limit on poses…order as many as you want.

These images you just chose will go up into your gallery for 30 days.

You can purchase a package at this time and use the client gallery to decide what images you want to use and how.

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