Preparing for a weekend get away
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Friday, January 26, 2018
By Michale Schneider Photography
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My love of Travel
Preparing for our trip to Palm Springs. I love to travel, big trips, little trips, weekend get aways. Road trips, flying, staying in a hotel, a condo, or camping. It doesn’t really matter too much how long I go for or how I get there or what kind of vacation it is. I love to travel. I just love seeing new places, having an adventure and enjoying my surroundings. And of course taking pictures. My usual companion is Chuck, my husband, who I adore. Occasionally I travel with friends.
There is little I don’t love about travel, I love the preparing, packing, planning, the list making, where, when, and how of the entire adventure. The sights we will see, the hikes I want to take, and all the excursions. With a little down time sprinkled throughout.
When it is winter and we are traveling to a warm climate, I pack early. I enjoy packing and pride myself on being a good packer. Not taking too much and yet being prepared, just as my Girl Scout training has taught me.
This Pam Springs trip is a long weekend there are 6 of us going, they will all be golfing, not me though, hiking is my thing. We will check Chuck’s golf clubs so I don’t have to worry about getting my hiking poles and boots in my carry on.
Camera and lenses always go with me. I am looking forward to taking pictures on my hikes I will post as I create them.
I am a list maker, I create a list early to help me remember all the important items. I enjoy checking items off my list, I feel a sense of accomplishment.
I have already started list for two other trips I will be taking later this year. And researching a backpacking trip that a friend and I will take in the summer.

I truly love an adventure...

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